Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Coaster Tutorial

I recently presented a Boutique Night for my guild Souhegan Valley Quilters Guild

We are holding our Quilt Show and along with over 115 member quilts on display, there's a raffle for 31 beautiful mini quilts, vendor basket raffle, and a boutique full of handmade items! 

For my boutique night items I presented 2 coaster variations, one coffee mug cozy, and a tissue holder.  

I thank Pinterest and the many creative people I have run into at quilt shows and in blogland for these ideas as Not One of them is new or my original design.
 I did make up simple patterns on how to make them and will post all eventually for anyone to use as they wish!!

Here are the pictures and pages for the coasters:

One: Diagonal Folding - note advantage is that it is folded on the bias so it's easier to insert the wine glass stem...  

Two: Straight Folding...   

I have lots of pictures along the way but GTG for now...
So enjoy the TUTs and send me pictures of what you make!
Fun fact - I gave a set of these to my neighbor and friend and she turned around and ordered a bunch for bridal shower favors!!

These will soon be listed on Etsy - as soon as I find time!

Have a wonderful week!